If you have come here it must be because you meet me in yahoo chat. I just lost my girlfriend. If you want to be my girlfriend please E-mail me or ICQ me my e-mail is kidblount@yahoo.com my icq# is 19171502. my name is Michael. This is me If you have microsoft internet explorer you will hear me in the background. If you have netscape click here. If you are going to be my girlfriend please don't dump me after I like you.

Hi, I'm Tony. This archive is from 1998 and I archived it in 2003 - it's now 2017. Michael Blount has since made a Reddit post telling his tale and which points here as this seems to be the oldest copy of his original Tripod page. Yeah most of the rest of this site is ALMOST as cringeworthy as this. I did a few other Worst of the Web reviews at the same time so you might want to check them out or just go [ HOME ].