Build a Better Fergie! Why should world leaders have all the fun? Give the Man Utd manager a mini-makeover! Worst of the WebWorst of the Web. Brutally honest reviews of the worst websites ever including "Hello My Future Girlfriend".
Ancient Aircraft? Airplanes, Aeroplanes from antiquity.Ancient Aircraft? Is it  possible that aeroplanes were invented long before either the Wright brothers or da Vinci? Build a Better BushBuild a Better Bush. Give him a virtual makeover - make him bald, knock his teeth out or give him a goatee.
Virtual Arcade - Play Online Games for FreeThe Games Room. Play  right now - no downloads required. Pacman, Teletubbies Mercy Killing and more! It's another scoop! Jose Mourinho pops by for a chat about...the Champions League.
Build a Better Blair. Ever wondered what's behind that smarmy facade? Just want some cheap fun at the expense of the PM? Rock Paper Scissors with Saddam HusseinRock, Paper, Saddam. The deposed despot is in court and bored so decides to play a unique version of rock, paper scissors..

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